December 9, 2021

Clarissa Chrysantia

When it comes to snacks, parents always want to give the best to their children. Soul Good is a healthy snack brand that sells various snacks like chips, popcorn, biscuit, and many more. One of their products is Strawberry Candy for Kids that’s made with 100% natural and organic ingredients without any preservatives.

To show its nature, Soul Good comes out with the Eco-friendly Plant-able Packaging idea that allows children to plant their Strawberries from seeds by using back the unwanted Candy wrapper and box. How does it work? To also reduce and recycle waste, the packaging was designed to be reused by consumers as pots while the strawberry seeds were planted inside the candy wrapper that was made with recycled material. The Wrapper without red color contains seeds that can be planted inside the pot. The consumer can also hang the pot so that the strawberry can growing well with sufficient sunlight.

Designer : Clarissa Chrysantia

Location : Cianjur, Indonesia

Project : Soul Good Strawberry Candy