December 5, 2021

Casual Business

Bowl Grabber was born out of the desire to celebrate the enjoyment of drinking great wine without pomp or ceremony. This exciting wine is carefully sourced by a Master of Wine, but they don’t care if you hold your glass ‘the wrong way’ or if you don’t know your Chateauneuf du Pape from your Chateau Musar. Casual Business had the pleasure to work on the identity and branding, and created a fun brand to house this premium wine in bottles, cans and boxes so you can enjoy it wherever you are without fear of wasting a drop!

Their first wine is a Portuguese Alvarinho and they needed packaging that really stands out, whether in the wine aisle or across a picnic spread at the park. Casual Business created a custom typeface for the logo, complimented with energetic colours and quirky illustrations by Egle Zvirblyte, to create an exciting brand that rebels against stuffy, premium wine designs.
Some details were added in print, such as the gold foil on the Master of Wine icon to communicate the high quality of the product.

Since launching, Bowl Grabber has already become one of the fastest growing wines in the UK market. Their range is now expanding to include Rosé and Red.

Designer : Casual Business

Location : Attard, Malta

Project : Bowl Grabber