June 4, 2021

Bulldog Studio

They are here, walking among us! from the depths of our galaxy here they come, Los Verdes, to our planet to take this great wine.

WineShack is a small distributor of Catalonia whose briefing required a naming and packaging design for their product, a variety of verdejo wine. The Denomination of Origin Rueda possesses exceptional natural resources for the production of top-quality wines. Specialised in making internationally renowned white wines. There is only one D.O. in the region of Rueda, which is “Rueda D.O.”.
Within the D.O. there are many styles of wine, and these styles each get their own back label. This makes this beverage even more unique & special.

The naming (Los Verdes) comes from the little green men but also from the product itself, a variety of the Verdejo grape, which has been grown in the Denomination of Origin Rueda for over centuries. The Verdejo grapes are generally harvested at night and have a unique flavour, with a hint of scrub herbs, a fruity touch and an excellent level of acidity. Its colours range from greenish yellow to straw-coloured, with steely tones and medium depth. These wines are young and daring, therefore the visual communication had to be fun, youthful and fresh.

Inspired by the classic sci-fi movies of the 60s and 70s, we have created a storytelling about the little men from outer space who come to visit us and can not resist taking a bottle with them. A light-hearted tone that connects with everybody, bringing more than one smile.

The graphic proposal for Los Verdes is very eye-catching due to the contrast, the use of turquoise blue and the gold stamping. A result that we are very proud of as a creative team.

Also, there is the funny animation that brings the story to life. Motion graphics always make projects stand out in terms of storytelling, something that is not very common in the world of wine, but at Bulldog we always innovate and try to give relevance to our projects, especially in the social media era.

A different wine from another planet!

Designer : Bulldog Studio

Location : Barcelona, Spain

Project :  Los Verdes