October 3, 2021


Not only is light a natural element that plays a key role in the growth of coffee beans, it is also used in the processing of coffee beans. The “light” and “heat” in the sun give the beans a wonderful taste over time.

DOOD is a young plant-based, plastic-free and biodegradable coffee brand whose visual image is inspired by the time hourglass and “time, sunshine, Heat”.

Light is mysterious and symbolic in human culture and history, but it is profound and complex in science. The combination of time and light makes the coffee beans burst out with more layers of flavor and taste, bringing great emotional and psychological experience to people. The mutual superposition and combination of graphics make colors change in time and graphics, guiding people’s taste experience.phenomenon of Zen through lines, connect our inner world through the interpretation of graphics, and feel the consciousness filter brought by nature.

BE WATER the hand-made soap have three state of packaging, different graphical representation of the clean state, state of body and mind and clean body skin also is so, we hope that the user at the same time of foam can BE associated with the waterfall falling moment, the impact strength is in smooth WATER can give a person the psychological pressure to give, At the same time the process of foaming is also the process of releasing inner pressure, deep clean is the public lesson we all need to do.

B&W’s full name is to BE the WATER is intended to describe our is invisible, we need the container to the design expression is also carrying and hold, with the customer communication between smooth flow like WATER and have the strength, the waterfall final presentation is changed the nature of the foam, just like our design, from an idea began to slowly into WATER stream waterfall, And finally by the force of the guide of the fall aroused my endless spray.

Designer : BEN

Location : Shanghai, China

Project :  DOOD COFFEE |研磨时光