June 8, 2021

Andy Audsley

A couple of budding boutique chocolatiers from London wanted to take the dairy free category by storm, with an irreverent twist on all the tasteless vegan chocolate bars out there in the world.

Meet Dirty Cow! Dirty by name, dirty by nature…

The friesian cow print with attitude & taste, black & white becoming the key driver for all things graphic and even how we talk.

Wanting to elevate vegan chocolate to a new sensorial experience that explores the edges of exciting and indulgent flavours. Their constantly growing range of small batch experimental bars are all handmade with generous chunks of real ingredients.

They truly believe in a sustainable world and with that all their cocoa is sourced from certified sustainable farming, and of course all of the packaging used is 100% recyclable.

Because we live in a post milk generation – where today’s meat and dairy norm is unsustainable – all their bars are obviously naturally vegan and dairy free. They don’t do milk but they definitely do delicious! So, get ready to Indulge yourself with a constantly changing range of unadulterated flavours, with a pun or two! 12 flavours to try in total, which is the perfect gift to yourself!

The brand is now ready to upscale imminently with intrerest from all over the country. The creation of the brand has given them a dirty good future ahead, now isn’t that udderly awesome!

Designer : Andy Audsley

Location : Sydney, Australia

Project :  Dirty Cow – Messed up vegan chocolate.