September 3, 2021

Agência Bulls

Manawara was born from the desire to share Brazilian ingredients to reveal flavors that only exist in this enchanted universe of the Brazilian Amazon. And to translate this proposal into its packaging and to reinforce the company’s debut in the market, we created packaging for its line of jelly beans that highlight the natural beauty of the Northern region of Brazil, through illustrations and vibrating colors, with a concept of exclusivity and differentiation, emphasizing nature in communication.

For the development of the project’s visual key, aiming to work with the local landscape and to have its own graphic elements, we used the composition of a group of illustrations of the landscape that make up the materials and packaging of the products, as well as the illustrations of the fruits that make up the project. company portfolio.

Initially to learn more about the product and its origins, we immersed ourselves in Amazonian lands, where it was possible to have more information about the product process, the product factory and the origin of the pulp. Inspired by the Amazonian landscapes and their stories, Manawara gummy candies are the company’s first line of candies that bear the same name as their candies. It contains typical Brazilian flavors and the proposal is to work with flavors originating from the varieties of fruits found in the Amazon region. To present and represent its flavors, Brazilianness and Amazonian origin, illustrations of the arts that make up the visual were developed, as well as the fruits for each flavor. Contrasting and vibrant tones help in the communication and composition of the visual line.

The structuring of the printed boxes for the candies was the solution developed to meet the customer’s initial need, since the quantities of impressions requested from other types of packaging, such as the production of personalized pouches initially desired, made the product launch impossible. The printed boxes made it possible to start the production on a small scale, taking the product to the point of sale and thereby generating new productions in larger quantities.

Relevance and suitability
After printing the initial print run of 2,000 units, the product was in 4 chains of emporiums in the city where the product was launched, where it was sold out within 15 days after the initial product disclosure, thus generating a larger order for printing product quantities. and enabling the development of 2 new flavors for the company’s product portfolio.

Designer : Agência BullsPencil Designs

Location : São Paulo, Brazil

Project : Manawara Gum Candies