August 23, 2020

Walled Hosien

Creme Brief: Creme patisserie based in Egypt in 2020 , Class A and B+. They are specialised in bakery, pastry and all kinds of cakes , with shops outside or inside the big markets, they need to create a simple logo design not classic or modern, something in between, it will be written down in english may be with or without icon. Direction: We designed ”creme” as a typography logo to look bubble and feel it streamline and free style keeping the smooth edges to look some classic and modern too. About elite colours to grab their attention we add ”creme” typography with gold colour inspire from wheat colour and pink and soft blue to look fun and petroleum colour to add some warms. To make a strong and creative identity and packaging, we designed the illustration art to make it familiar and make you feel more happiness and trendy at the same time.

Designer : Walled Hosien

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Project : Creme Patisserie