June 27, 2020


ABSINTHE, is a spirit drink with some controversy. For years banned in some countries for its hallucinogenic effects.
These hallucinations inspired the design of this bottle.
First of all, proportions, colour and texture remind us an old bottle, a kind of container where you can store a magic potion.
Secondly, the oversized conical cork stopper and the small cork ring that surrounds the neck of the bottle create an optical effect, as if it were a hallucination:
-As if the stopper were to pierce the bottle and break it into two pieces!
An abnormally wide mouth with a thin-walled section, perfectly cuts the drop and recovers any possible surplus.
-No label! All the graphic details are found in the cork stopper specially designed for this bottle, a large, conical and double lace stopper, one to fit the bottle and the other to accommodate a gold coin, engraved with the Artemisia absinthium flower, the Absinthe main ingredient.

Designer : Untactil

Location : Barcelona, Spain

Project : Absinthe