July 24, 2020

Somchana Kangwarnjit

Springwater is naturally produced and is available from the source of mineral water from Doi Chaang, Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand). This water is the natural product from the abundant fertile forest where we have to respect for habitat and environment.

The package illustration is to convey how the animals live their lives with the water. The wavy lines and animals explain about the animals living with the water resource. For example the flamingo flying, the tiger swimming and the crocodile crawling in the wavy lines which represent the beauty of water waves.

These pictures are reminding us that water is the life support of all living things. This is where the brand 4Life Mineral Water comes from!

Designer : Somchana Kangwarnjit

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Project : 4 Life Mineral Water by Doi Chaang