September 23, 2020

Olga Takhtarova

Bel Gusto is a Ukrainian brand that produces fresh pasta. Made according to an old Italian recipe from durum wheat straight from Italian fields. The brand recently decided to update its packaging design. The idea behind the rebranding was to create the feeling that this pasta is made in Italy and sent by mail to the consumer directly from Italy. For this, the theme of postage was taken: such as postage stamps and packaging design as a postal parcel. The design uses hand-drawn illustrations of iconic places in Italy and imitation of kraft paper to emphasize tradition and history and make the packaging stand out on the shelf next to other brands. Packaged in an elegant design that complements the exquisite and unique taste of Italian pasta, this product is available in many stores in Ukraine.

Designer : Olga Takhtarova

Location : Kyiv, Ukraine

Project : Pasta Bel Gusto