April 29, 2020

Midnight Design

A mouse opening joined bowls from within is a common symbol in Chinise folk art. The idea originates with the saying that “a mouse bite opened the world”. Initially, the sky and earth were not separate. There was chaos. The two bowls that fit together here symbolize heaven and earth. The mouse opens  them to let air flow and bring in light that separates the Yin from the Yang. This act made the mouse into a spiritual being that opened heaven and earth and gave birth all things. The mouse therefore became a symbol of drining away disaster and welcoming fortune. The packaging of Taipei Metro commemorative tickets of the year of the rat takes “Rats bit the sky open” as the theme, combines traditional technology woth modern design techniques, and increases gradations and visual tension through the stack of printing processing. The front side of the package is decorated with the pattern of a paper-cut mouse and two bowls, which is the combinaison of classic flower elements and three-dimensional lines, and the back side is the text of blessing sentence transformed into mouse tail image. The Yin (moon) and the Yang (sun) elements in the story are converted into symbols, which are ectended to the package seal and the back of the card, so as to make the package and the theme completely connected.

Designer : Midnight Design

Location : New Taipei City, Taiwan

Project : Taipei Metro/ Year of the Rat Commemorative Tickets