November 17, 2020

Marçal Prats

Housed in the exquisite Hyatt Regency Chantilly Hotel, CRAFT Market is a restaurant, open buffet, room and takeaway service that serves seasonal gourmet cuisine at lunchtime.

The CRAFT Market identity is the result of combining the spirit of the craftsmanship of the food (made from certified farm-sourced ingredients), with the industrial setting of the space, created by the exterior steel roof truss and the interior metal frames.

Rustically industrial

The connection between food ingredients and the decorative metal frames is depicted over an 18th-century inspired French Toile de Jouy pattern, (linen with intricate romantic, pastoral scenarios printed in a single colour onto a cream background). The contemporary CRAFT Market Toile de Jouy not only wraps the identity but also relates to the historical baroque heritage of the adjacent Château de Chantilly.

The juxtaposition of rustic and industrial is depicted in every feature of the design: classic engraving illustrations made from vector drawing tools, rubber stamps over geometric patterns, glossy silver & gold stickers, metallic ink over recycled surfaces.

DesignerMarçal Prats http://www.marcal.net

Location : London, United Kingdom

Project : CRAFT Market