June 23, 2020

Kashkovskaya Oksana

The main inspiration for creating the packaging was the natura of the African continent.This packaging has four different colours type of the wine as red, blue, orange and yellow. Each box has double count from each side and due to this the bright colours of wine possible to see even without close light around. The lines and spots on each bottle has own drawing that is complements full composition of the design and gives the understanding of each exact animal depicted. Thus, appear associations of the landscapes and fauna of Africa. For each class of package was created own graphic elements depens on the land of African continent. Thus, eight animals possible to see and only two different animals on one box. Package design has Zebra and giraffe, leopard and cheetah, monkeys-red colobus and colobus, chameleon-Namaqua and Green Parson.
The four packaging created from midle thickness cardboard. The paper has natural fibers without additional lacquer shine covering, thus this material from ecology friendly technology. The bottles has the mat glass surface with patterns that coat each bottle with own design. The patterns has the glossy coating. The top of each bottle has the black frosted membrane that save the wine till it will be open.

Designer : Kashkovskaya Oksana

Location : Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Project : wine “Africa”