October 25, 2020

iframe communication design

NÒTT is a gastronomic cafe – bar in the center of Ioannina City, Greece. Our goal in this project was to graphically represent the urban atmosphere of the place.

We took inspiration found in the history meaning of “Nótt” (in Norse mythology, Nótt is night personified, grandmother of Thor).

The resulted in an gothic wordmark and monogram that are inspired by typography and design elements from the 19th-century. We injected black color, gold foiling, and gravure art details that purposefully elevate the mood of the place. The final brand is a modern nod that takes you back to this bygone era.

Deliverables included: Branding + Identity system, Interior elements, Exterior shopfront, Print Collateral, Merchandise & Packaging

Designer : iframe communication design

Location : Preveza, Greece

Project : NÒTT made for humans