June 22, 2020

Hearted Design & Strategy

Takk is a kombucha producer based in Cascavel, in western Paraná. Takk means “thank you” in Norwegian and producing this millennial drink is the brand’s way of celebrating life and showing gratitude to the universe. Also called a “living drink”, kombucha is a fermented and naturally carbonated tea. It’s a probiotic, antioxidant and rich in vitamins. The brand symbol emerged from the combination of three elements: the Sun, representing energy and life; the gas bubbles that results of the fermentation of the product; and the colony of bacteria (scoby), an essential element for its production. The product labels have the brand name in the foreground, differentiating the 6 flavors by colors. The color palette is vibrant and energetic, always contrasting with the sun, the symbol of the brand.

Designer : Hearted Design & Strategy

Location : Cascavel – Paraná, Brazil

Project : Takk Kombucha