July 2, 2020

Harry Chrysanthopoulos

For this proposal the main idea was to combine in a simple and harmonic result tha brand ‘Tsipouro Pyrros of Epirus’ with the geographical site where its produced.
*Pyrros of Epirus (318-272 b.c.) was a Greek king and statesman of the Hellenistic period living in epirus.

Target group:
People who appreciate the original and high quality Distillates

Design approach & concept:
Our design approach was based on using a motive on the label which besides its decorative usage also represents in a minimalistic way the top of a kings crown but also the mountain range where the distillate is produced. Colourwise we choose a different than the usual path compared to simmilar products where added a tone of elegance with the dark tones and filling it out with the light blue tones a colour that you can discover on the winter mountain scenery of epirus.

Deliverables: Study and design.

Designer : Harry Chrysanthopoulos

Location : Corfu, Greece

Project : Domaine Glinavos Distillate – Tsipouro Pyrros of Epirus