August 14, 2020

Ferma Branding LTD

We were tasked with creating and promoting an impactful and eye-catching new design identity for a range of high-quality cheeses. Our aim was to accentuate, through the packaging design, the brand’s commitment to guaranteeing uniquely flavoured cheeses and European quality standards whilst creating consumption scenarios. Jean makes cheeses that create moments that matter in a nod to the European way of life.For design inspiration, we crafted a packaging that feels like a book. We believe that only lively and wholehearted stories can win over the hearts and minds of the people and be etched in the memory. We then came up with the idea to create packaging inserts narrating Jean’s life story and romance with his girlfriend Marie. These short narratives are somehow related to the product as they feature various situations and moments where the Jean cheeses can be enjoyed.

Designer : Ferma Branding LTD

Location : Saint Petersburg, Russia

Project : Jean — Branding and Packaging