July 4, 2020

Erica Yunwook Choi

Create a logo for a business support network called The Good Gang is a collective of different companies for the greater good, to give back to people and the planet. (FYI, Crowdfunding is on the way)

The use of circular tube was employed to communicate the meaning of ‘gang’ and security. Credibility and invulnerability were aided by reductive typography and bold colours.
It provided a blank canvas but also a way for us to respond to the naming power instead of a particular sector such as typical organic food and break greenwash cliche and clutters.
As a result, ‘The Good Gang’ effectively reflects its purpose as a thriving association for multiple brands and companies that share similar missions and value.

Tonal guidance
Safety / Cool / Bold / Creative

Target audience
Audience Research groups
Social enterprises
Businesses based on plant-based brands and products

Designer : Erica Yunwook Choi

Location : London, UK

Project : The Good Gang