July 27, 2020

Ekaterina Torokhova

Parents often have a problem of how to teach a child to eat vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of vitamins. A growing body needs it. Children often prefer sweets to healthy foods. VITA product is a decision for the parent`s problem of a child`s bad habit of eating sweets.

This is a series of chilled snacks. There are different tastes in the line. Berry, fruit, vegetable, and mixes. Children can eat the product both chilled and thawed.

Packaging design illustrates different useful vegetables, fruits, and berries. Snacks with one tastes marked one color, snacks with mixed taste have many brights elements. You can choose any taste that you want. The main idea of the package is vitamin complex with many elements. Children like bright constructors and our VITA snack such as a tasty toy!

Eat vitamins and be healthy!

Designer : Ekaterina Torokhova

Location : Krasnodar, Russia

Project : Vita Snacks