September 1, 2020

Doping Creative Agency

Concept Children explore the world around them every day. Many of them dream of becoming travellers while others, being not satisfied with planet Earth, dream of becoming an astronaut. Children have boundless imagination and their new discoveries often happen not in real life but in their imagined world. Creative kids can even imagine not existing worlds which are made of their favourite sweets—ice-cream and chocolate. Implementation Children’s rich imagination and an aspiration for exploring new planets became the basis for the branding and packaging of Pink Berry’s new ice-cream. “Cosmic” is that yummy planet that every child dreams to explore. That is why we portrayed “Cosmic” as a giant planet, situated outside of our solar system, which is extremely far from the Sun and extremely cold—squeezing, losing its roundness due to its rapid rotation. One of the important elements of packaging is a giant ice-cream, located in the universe as well as the little astronaut, personifying all children of the world, who has discovered “Cosmic” planet. As many other kids, he also likes sweets and always dreamed about appearing on the planet, entirely made of sweets. The little astronaut has explored a new planet and landed on it with Pink Berry’s flag.

Designer : Doping Creative Agency

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Cosmic Ice-Cream