May 22, 2020

Design Bridge

Design Bridge’s latest work with Fortnum & Mason is for a new range of caramels, pralines & ganache chocolates, which have been created to appeal to a more inquisitive, experimental chocolate lover through provocative flavour profiles including yuzu and chilli, black truffle, and oud.

Inspired by dark, twisted beauty, Design Bridge created abstract mixed media collages layered with intricate details such as brambles, feathers and foliage to use as a basis for the designs. Set on a deep teal background, and combined with flashes of vibrant colour and gold foiling, the result is a mysterious, intriguing visual world that brings the disruptive spirit of the new chocolates to life.

As well as the packaging, Design Bridge also created a unique chocolate mold for the caramels in the range. Taking organic shapes found in contemporary architecture as inspiration, the “classic oval with a twist” mold has been specially designed to deliver optimum mouthfeel and taste, perfectly complementing the eclectic range of flavours.

Designer : Design Bridge

Location : London,UK

Project : Fortnum & Mason Chocolates: Twisted Beauty