April 30, 2020

Buba Radiani

elliani Valley launched several limited edition products for company’s 20-th anniversary. Grossmeister (Chacha – Pomace Brandy) was one of them. We clearly knew that the product should have had connection with chess and its look and feel should have been solid/formal, so we headed directly to chess palace.

The solution was right in front of us – architectural detail of the palace façade – The Crown. We made the Crown central part of our design. With its simple geometric shape we created pattern, pattern was followed with beautifully crafted typography, typography with die cut details, die cut details with black and white colors as on chessboard, as a result we got a design which is as solid and strategic as chess itself it is a reflection of pure spirit of Grossmeister.

Designer : Buba Radiani

Location : Tbilisi, Georgia

Project : Grossmeister