November 10, 2020

Better Plant Sciences

Positioned as a high-end CBD/THC brand, the packaging needed to convey elegance while maintaining a strong wellness feel. A high contrast color palette was chosen to suggest a clean, no-nonsense approach. The black logo and text elements match the black lids (child-resistant lids were only available in black at the time).
Special attention was brought to the structure of the box itself. Precision die-cutting was required to ensure a snug fit. When the box top is lifted, the box bottom reveals the product in a blooming form.
The metallic blue foil, used sparingly, adds a sense of prestige to the packaging design. The Wright & Well Ampersand logo incorporates an inclusive and friendly smile. It also resembles an anchor, which represents stability, strength and safety.

Creative Director & Designer – Perry Chua Strategy & Planning – Leah Perry Production & Legal – Linda Dumont, Sonya Laurenssen, Fenton Fong, Amy Frankel, Bhavna Solecki
CEO – Penny White
Photographer – Raeff Miles

Designer : Better Plant Scienceshttp://betterplantsciences.com

Location : Vancouver BC, Canada

Project : Wright & Well