June 12, 2020


Beautifood is a fusion salad brand created by Bo Innovation (Demon chef), as beautifood target audience in Hong Kong office lady who loves beauty and health. Demon chef is a famous chef who making a fusion meal set for a customer, the extreme special experiences on look and taste.

Designer Analysis:
As every salad products are also selling health, keep fit and green, etc. this is very normal. I would like to find out a unique point to stand our fusion salad, as Demon chef in an extreme identity in the world market, we base on this to develop the packaging and branding design.

Target audience:
We base on our target audience activity to analyze such as night club, tea-time and happy hours.

Shake Shake Salad- Concept comes from Cock-tail shaker which related to target audience activity (Night club, happy hours & tea time).

Designer : Beeswork

Location : Hong Kong

Project : “Beatifood Food Brand Identity & Packaging”