October 30, 2019

Yuexin Huo

Package design for Chinese beancakes, which are famous traditional Chinese snacks. The product line includes four different flavors differentiated by their colors: Mung Bean Cake (green-bean cake), Soybean Cake (yellow-bean cake), Adzuki Bean Cake (red-bean cake), and Mixed-Ingredient Cake (cake with eight treasures.)
The product names are printed with fluorescent paints to give a bright look. Each package would have 12 small cakes of different surface patterns, which are laser-cut and presented on the surface of the package. Such laser-engraving processes cost very little and they very well show the characteristics of the package by adding 3-dimensionalities. The entire package is constructed out of E-flute cardboard only to emphasize environmental awareness.

Designer : Yuexin Huo

Location :  Miami, USA

Project :  Package Chinese Beancake