August 18, 2019

Shagun Parab

Healthy for you and Healthy for the environment too

Customers globally are getting conscious about the choices they make and how this may affect the environment. Package design and construction play significant roles in determining materials and Environmental Issues.

The sustainability goal of the cradle­ to ­cradle concept is to recover sufficient materials and energy in a way that imposes zero impact on future generations.

Introducing a frozen yoghurt brand…”KAWAI CUPS” where the unique selling point would be the Japanese inspired reusable cups with new designs every month for serious collectors.

The flavours are as follows :

1. Chunky Monkey
2. Miso Salted Caramel
3.Cherry Blossom
4. Matcha
5. Mochi
Whats unique about this is the fact that there are very few places in India which have Frozen Yoghurt inspired from Japanese flavors.

The cups are also made of PLA – Polylactic Acid which is a variant of bioplastic. It is derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch and has many advantages and is considered the greener alternative to plastic. They are unlike the regular ones which are soft. They are harder and can be re used to store items like jewellery and other small accessories thus reducing waste.

A scheme in which customers can return five used cups and get two cups of an exclusive flavoured yoghurt FREE! And a different design every month for each separate flavour  adds to this innovative subbrand for ‘Melt In.’

Designer : Shagun Parab

Location : Mumbai, India

Project : Frozen Yoghurt Packaging