May 6, 2019

Rowena Curlewis

Denomination was asked by Somersault to create a brand and packaging design that would be esthetically distinctive, aspirational and memorable, and that café and bar owners would be happy to display ‘like art on a shelf’.

The design team at Denomination came up with a strong graphic approach that creates great stand-out and is worthy of above-counter display in cafés and bars. The identity also stays well away from clichéd ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ design cues, looking instead to the premium-craft-drinks market to appeal to a discerning target consumer who appreciates hip, healthy options.

Contemporary pastel colours were selected to reflect the brand’s organic ingredients and good-for-you credentials. The designs are also echoed on the bottle necks to further boost stand-out and allow for a more minimalist approach on the main labels.

With so many ‘healthy’ sodas on the market in fact packing a super-sweet punch, it was also felt important to hero the key ‘low sugar’, ‘organic’ and ‘slow-brewed’ brand assets on the wrap-around label, with supporting content and tasting notes.

Designer : Rowena Curlewis

Locality : Ultimo, Australia

Project : Somersault