July 14, 2019

Petra Pilbák

Yerba Mate is brewed from the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the holly native tree from the South American rainforest (Ilex paraguariensis). It is a traditional drink from South America that provides smooth energy and concentration while being 100% natural. Entirely produced in France, Gallimaté comes from a recipe with sweeter flavors, no added sugar, perfect for a standalone refreshment or as a cocktail mixer. A collection of 3 drinks to recharge your batteries while enjoying yourself: Original, Tonic & Ginger Ale.
Sold mainly through through trendy cafes, restaurants and boutique supermarkets in France, the yerba mate based beverage is targeted at young, health conscious individuals as a healthy, flavourful alternative to usual soft and energy drinks.

Each label’s design is based on a unique ornamental line art pattern that illustrates the drinks’ ingredients.
This style combined with a fresh colour palette lends the product a captivating quality, making the bottle attractive and memorable.
The style of the designs was inspired by folk art and minimalism.
Illustrated ingredients per flavor:
° Original: yerba mate, elderflower and kaffir lime
° Tonic: yerba mate, cinchona bark, gentian, tangerine, cardamom and white pepper
° Ginger Ale: yerba mate, ginger, basil and lemongrass

The labels for each flavour were designed to match the drink’s personality, expressed through the colour palette and the custom pattern.
° Original: the light taste of elderflowers in contrast with the sweet bitterness of yerba mate, full-bodied taste; floral and refreshing.
° Tonic: mild bitter notes that release into a lingering geranium note that softens the bitterness to create a delicate tonic; elegant, floral and delicate.
° Ginger: refreshing with a balance between sweetness and bitterness, a pinch of spice

Designer : Petra Pilbák

Locality : Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Project : he first yerba mate “à la Française” – Gallimaté Original, Tonic and Ginger Ale