September 6, 2019


Intelligentsia Coffee

To relay the approachability and artisanal quality of the Chicago-based coffee roasting company and retailer, Intelligentsia Coffee, we streamlined their portfolio and created a new design expression for the brand’s coffee bags.

In order to futureproof the brand’s expression and product appeal for physical retail and digital touchpoints, we defined a bolder, more meaningful portfolio, centered around Intelligentsia’s high-quality coffees made with the most ethical practices.

The new design expression allows variants to make a clearer visual connection with one another as a portfolio through purpose and specialization, while continuing to distinguish itself from the over-saturation of today’s craft-heavy aesthetic. Each bag democratizes the passion for artisanal coffee, giving equal priority to the whole product range, by educating consumers on provenance and seasonality in a clear and coherent manner.

As part of our enhancement of the brand, we refined the wings and the eye of the Intelligentsia logo for legibility and created a new icon system on the side panels of each coffee bag to communicate the product care and preparation process. All of which is expressed with individuality on the packaging for each, unique variant.

Designer : Pearlfisher

Location : New York, USA

Project :  Intelligentsia Coffee