March 6, 2019

OPUS B Brand Design

Mead has a history of several thousand years. In Poland, mead production has always been known for exceptional quality and during the Middle Ages mead was one of the major Polish exported goods. Its high value is emphasised by the fact that mead has also functioned as a legal tender and was as precious as gold.

Kwarta has been produced to revive the dying mead production traditions. It is real, traditional mead. The past is an unexhausted source of inspiration. The relationship with the tradition often suggests the most intuitive and natural solutions. Kwarta was born out of tradition and is a dialogue of the past with contemporary design.

The name of the brand refers to the old Polish unit of volume. This is why packages have an unusual volume of 942 ml, or one quart.

The bottle is a modern interpretation of a traditional stoneware vessel for mead. Thanks to the preservation of the original material, pressing, marking and the manufacturing process, a coherent brand has been created which comes out of source and is thus really genuine.

Kwarta reaches to the resources of the past and manifests respect for craftsmanship. It is manufactured on a small scale and it revives and cherishes traditional craftsmanship. That is why a very important aspect was the natural process of burning stoneware vessels. They are made by hand to a considerable extent, in accordance with the oldest rules of craftsmanship. Thanks to this, each vessel is different and thus unique.

Designer : Piotr Wiśniewski

Locality : Cracow Poland

Project : Kwarta