April 2, 2019

Meng Zhang

Every chapter starts with a new page, and each grain of rice has its own story to tell. ‘Wuchang’ Rice is harvested from the fertile soils of China’s Heilongjiang Province – its firm, bright granules are complemented by a rich flavour and high nutrient content. In the package design for North Farm, this uniqueness and individuality is encapsulated in a crisp white box that showcases the notion of emptiness and the purity of rice. ‘Zen’ and the expression of love are depicted in a detailed outer layer with delicate illustrations of North-East China’s native fauna, an embossed rice grain and a gold/silver laser foiling that changes colour as it is moved around, reflecting the sky and drawing attention to the user as a unique individual. The design may appear simple but is layered with many complexities that embody the natural, healthy and premium qualities of the rice.

Designer : Meng Zhang

Locality : Sydney, Australia

Project : North Farm Rice