April 24, 2019

Maru Ovsyannikova

The concept of eco-shampoo is based on the reconsideration of packing.

YOU NEED LESS — this is the motto of today. The slogan for the ones who are aiming to fight the hyper-consumption. The naming comes from the lifestyle of young people who live their life consciously.

While the front of the package shows the motto, the sides depict the guide to action: advice on eco-lifestyle, web-link on the green blog and notes on how to recycle the package.

Why the cardboard?
It has lots of advantages over usual plastic packing. The cardboard package is made of a renewable material and also weights less. At the same time, the folded carton pack takes very little space during transportation which reduces the amount of vehicles on roads and, therefore, it helps to reduce the total level of CO2 emission. This package needs less space in a warehouse, in a shop or at home.

Designer : Maru Ovsyannikova

Locality : Moscow, Russia