May 29, 2019

Makenna Wynveen

Marquise Bake Shop is a unique wedding cake sampling experience that can be later shared with guests and recreated one year later after the wedding. With millennials growing up and altering previous traditions society has placed on couples, it is important to rethink the traditional wedding cake and the process it takes to find the perfect cake and how to serve it to guests.

Choosing a cake flavor can be a tough decision and it’s hard to find time in one’s schedule for sampling. This lead me to the idea to create an experience that is fun and simple when searching for the perfect cake. To take the stress off of the soon to be couple, I created a brand and packaging for wedding cake sampling to be delivered to their doorstep. Accompanying packages include a sample package for guests at the wedding reception and a one year anniversary box package for the top tier of the cake.

Designer : Makenna Wynveen

Locality : Stillwater, Minnesota, United States of America

Project : Marquise Bake Shop