March 19, 2019

M&A Creative Agency

In the village of Arraiolos, “Land of Carpets”, the typical Alentejo landscape amazes with its plains that welcome “Herdade das Mouras de Arraiolos”. As a living testimony of a new generation of wine producers that enrich the most genuine traditions, this was the property that gave birth to the “Mouras of Arraiolos Grande Reserva”, a red wine with M&A Creative Agency’s creativity.

With an extension of 326 hectares, it is from this sea of vineyards that are born wines with unique characteristics. To tell the history of this “Grande Reserva”, the top of the range “Mouras de Arraiolos”, M&A Creative Agency has created a stylized coat of arms with the four elements of Arraiolos’ coat of arms: the castle, the grapes, the bees and the water.

M&A Creative Agency also created the package for this “Grande Reserva”, a black carton box, all of which covered with the same pattern of the label’s base.

Designer : Nádia Mordido

Locality : Anadia, Portugal

Project : A label that tells the history of a “Grande Reserva” from Alentejo