June 20, 2019

Juan Ignacio Sarmiento

Concept, design and development of packaging for the line of macarrons by Ale Camino – Smile Baker. In 2017 I was commissioned to renew the image for the personal brand of Ale Camino, outstanding pastry and cake artist in Peru. The objective was to transfer the spirit of Ale to her personal brand, she wanted a new image that would define and differentiate her, a modern and artistic image. When you raise the new image, we decided together with Ale translate it into the packaging of macarons. The task was to make some practical boxes to store (without taking up much space) and easy to assemble (without sticking). Two sizes were developed for 10 units and 5 units. The packaging has been made in RIVES DESIGN cardboard from ArjoWiggins, printed in + 1 color special color and application in Golden HotStamping.


Designer : Juan Ignacio Sarmiento

Locality : Lima, Peru

Project : Ale Camino Smile Baker – Macaron Packaging

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