August 25, 2019

Iliana Alexandrou

Mood of the Day project is a series of colorful soaps put together in a special package and produced by “The Cool Projects”; a natural soap & handmade artefacts workshop based on the island of Aegina, Greece.

Every day we all wake up in a certain mood. That mood might change easily depending on thoughts we make, people we meet, words and feelings that come to mind, smells, sounds and music we listen to and challenges we face every single day.

Our goal is to bring consumers close to natural oil-based soaps through design (and words). So we created a cool packaging with illustrations based on different possible daily moods as the “mood of the day” phrase implies and created a series of illustrations of girls “holding” on different moods.

The first series of MOOD OF THE DAY soaps we did, include a white box with seven colorful soaps -seven as are the days of the week- as well as seven white boxes, each containing three soaps of the same mood (curious, happy, loved, sexy, calm, relaxed, lucky). Both boxes are all white and only when opening, one can see the characters on the packaging and the color of each soap.
White paper on the outer box is used as a neutral canvas in order to create a contrast with the colors of the soaps inside.

On our second series the white box acts again as a canvas for moods, colors and fragrances that come almost as a surprise; as another cool gift box. What you get is either a package of three soaps of the same scent (a variety of 6 soaps with lemon, honey, rose, lavender, jasmine or aloe) or a box with six soaps; one for every scent. Again, both sizes of boxes come in total white but also with a hole in the middle that allows one to see the color of the soap as well as smell it.

In both occasions the “moods” relate to the soap scent, and so are the packaging illustrations. In both series we have the “hand” element, which works as an “offering”, emphasizing the gift aspect of the product.

Designer : Iliana Alexandrou

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Mood of the Day