February 23, 2019

holycow design co.

Hand-made beverages can be said to be most representative of the scenery of daily life in Taiwan. Each drink full of flavor and each cut satisfying each moment of people’s lives, whether in the ordinary or extraordinary moments.Qmilk is located in the food court of Keelung City, preserving the values freshness and the natural, firm in handmaking every drink to delivery life into every cup. The daily hand-made freshly brewed brown sugar pearls are poured into a fresh cup of dairy milk. The thick milky fragrance joined with the chewy pearls make up the signature drink for the locals and tourists.The hope is that through the innovation of the overall visual to bring the tea shop from commonplace to something that people want to shares, something they look forward to enjoy and taste.

The brand design strategy focuses on the distinctive characteristics of the brand, using the circular shape of the pearl and dairy milk as the main themes, combining them with the brand’s image of the letter “Q”. Together, these elements serve as the foundation of the logo, bringing out its spirit and vividness. Furthermore, the Chinese and English font designs blend skillfully into the contour lines of the logo.

The color scheme uses the royal blue to symbolize purity and freedom in combination with pink and white to symbolize aroma of dairy milk. Moreover, in lieu with circular color blocks as well as diverse and energetic geometric lines and graphics, these visuals reinforce the brand’s features and vision, conveying the product’s undertone of “chewiness, dense pure milk, and richness of fresh ingredients”.The overall design is minimalistic, clear, yet stylish and fresh, full of elegance and personality.

The photoshoot for the product highlights both the brand’s uniqueness and charm of the product itself. The layout uses two colors as contrast, combining images of fresh fruit slices, natural food color tones and three-dimensional geometric figures to ingeniously reflect the brand’s freshness, playfulness and creativity.

Designer : holycow design co.

Locality : Taichung City, Taiwan

Project : Qmilk tea