June 8, 2019

Hola n-u-e-v-e

Valencia City Council commissioned us to design the programs for La Mutant and El Musical theaters simultaneously. Two different graphics united in the use of color: red, blue, white and black.

La Mutant is a theater in Valencia that accommodates local and international artists with new scenic languages as common ground. In addition, it operates as a space for reflection, experimentation, dialogue and impulse for creative citizens.

That experimentation and new languages translate into graphics with the game and movement that occurs through repetition and the use of different weights, styles and sizes of letters. A completely typographic approach that generates distortions and mutations, and where the photographic image goes to the background.

The family chosen for the development of the pieces has been Gareth Hague’s ANO.

Designer : Hola n-u-e-v-e

Locality : Valencia, Espana

Project : La MUTANT Theater

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