September 30, 2019

Evgeniya Dorfman

New Age shampoo and hair balm are solid hair care products with natural composition in eco-friendly packaging.
Shampoo and hair balm have a convenient form for use.
One side expands to the bottom, and for the wide side it is convenient to hold the shampoo and hair balm when used, they will not slip out of your hands when you lather your head.
In order not to confuse shampoo and hair balm, the shampoo has a square shape at the base, and the balm is always round.
They also vary in size and color. Natural ingredients that are in the composition of the shampoo and hair balm are depicted on the upper label, which closes the box with shampoo.
The label is made from recycled paper and printed in two colors: the very composition of the ingredients of one particular color, and the logo and related information is printed in black.
It makes printing cheaper.
The packaging itself is made from recycled paper – pulp.
This is a very eco-friendly material.

Most shampoos and hair conditioners are packaged in plastic. Throwing them out every month, people pollute the environment very much.
This package will save the world from a huge amount of plastic packaging.
And the natural composition of the product itself will help reduce water pollution by chemicals.
Once opened, the package can be used as a soap box for shampoo and hair balm, folding them there after use.
The name New Age means that we are calling for a new era of packaging without the use of plastic, an era of eco-friendly packaging!

Designer : Evgeniya Dorfman

Location : Orel, Russia

Project :  New Age Packaging