November 20, 2019

Enrique Presa Studio

The French Lyceum has an educational model that encourages its students to think, to be critical and thoughtful. It rejects dogmatic and rigid teaching to focus on each individual, his abilities and potential.

The design of the new brand takes as its starting point this model to analyze, question and interpret the typographical forms of the initials of the Center «LFGC»

The result is the grouping of different basic geometric forms that coordinate and work as a team to build something that goes beyond their own individual nature: a sign with meaning.

This team of different forms also suggests the idea of heterogeneous group and mixture of cultures. It also suggests concepts such as creativity, cooperation, play and fun, which are deeply rooted in the French Lyceum.

Designer : Enrique Presa Studio

Location : Palma de Mallorca

Project : Lycée Français de Gran Canaria