June 22, 2019

Anastasiya Enhanser

HAHA Dental Positive Paste is a new brand concept of cavity care products.

This project has become for me a great study of the topic related to body care. Self-love and self-acceptance are eternal and at the same time the most urgent topics of our time. For instance, the body positive movement is now gaining rapid popularity. It transmits the idea of people accepting their own body in all ways. In fact, the truth is that people are ready to take care more attentively of what they really love but not hesitate.

People have many complexes associated with teeth. According to recent research, most of the respondents have admitted that they are shy to smile widely or are not confident enough in their smile. And this is not surprising, because modern brands of toothpastes have created a lot of stereotypes in this regard. We see perfect people with perfect smiles on the screen, but we don’t believe them anymore. We no longer trust the formation of our values to brands.

HAHA DENTAL POSITIVE supports the idea of caring for your teeth with love for yourself and your features. Its positioning strategy is “teeth positive”. The brand’s slogan is “No wrong way to have a smile”.

Designer : Anastasiya Enhanser

Locality : Moscow, Russia

Project : HAHA Dental Positive Paste