November 5, 2019

Aleksei Pashnin

It is another bright project in the portfolio of liquids for electronic evaporators for Omega Liquids company. This time the creators decided to come off in full, collecting rather unusual flavor combinations in the line and asked me to think over the visual component of the products. This is how the creators describe their product: This is a liquid with unusual combinations, there is a lot of soda (cola, tarragon, fanta) in them, there are also cotton candy, mint gum and even cactus flavour. Therefore, it evokes very bright emotions, fresh and even crazy. There is a strong association with the 80’s in USA. We want the same juiciness and brightness. Cinema, fashion, computer games, soda, chewing gum, etc. Burst of color, neon and acidity). A typical feature of fashionable persons then was the Afro hairstyle, which became the main symbol on the label.

Designer : Aleksei Pashnin

Location : Moscow, Russia

Project :  Fizzy Pop