May 30, 2019


Atelier 1913 is a small brand of special and handmade coffee produced in a centennial farm in northeast of Brazil, founded in 1913 by the couple Alfredo and Amélia Farias.
All the coffee production process, from planting to the assemblage, its handcrafted.
The name, the brand identity and the package design was made to represent visually the concept of “handmade” and “heritage”. The brand owns three diferent coffee blends and a special edition of beer wich has coffee in it’s composition. We put together in this packages the history and the craft through emotional symbolism. At the each one coffee blend we honor an important person for the history of the brand. At the beer package we created a label system where each bottle has a different presentation.

Designer : Abracadabra

Locality : Fortaleza, Brazil

Project : Atelier 1913