October 9, 2018

Zambelli Brand Design

As a quality permanent nail polish manufacturer, Franela wanted to stand out in a highly
competitive market, which is both saturated with existing offerings and, at the same time,
in constant need of new products.
In addition, Franela required a fresh design approach that would increase the usability of
their products and make each product category easy to connect with its purpose through
a clear visual communication.
Within Franela’s new branding strategy, Zambelli Brand Design recognized the
opportunity to resolve both challenges with an innovative and affordable packaging,
which is extremely rarely used for the permanent nail polisher, typically presented in
bottles without the wrap.
Guided by simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, Franela’s four product categories
were “dressed” in packages with different shapes and colors. With budget-friendly yet
effective packages, Franela managed to increase the visibility of its products on the shelf
and convey a clear message to its buyers how to use them: as the foundation, a
complementary asset, or a standalone product.
To ensure brand integrity and recognition, there are two elements that spread across all
product segments:
• An archway shape that symbolizes the nail, visible on the packages and in the
trademark as a stylized letter “n”.
• Intensive red as a color that is easily spotted and has an iconic status in the manicure
Franela’s basic line of products are defined with an arc-shaped packaging in silver color,
whose neutral, steady tone is perfectly aligned with the purpose of this product segment
– they are used as the foundation for all the others. In addition, each item from the basic
line is numbered for easy understanding of which product should be applied first,
second, and so on.







Designer : Zambelli Brand Design

Locality :  Rijeka, Croatia

Project : Franela