November 7, 2018


FIT ACTIVE is a brand of functional products for people who manage their weight, pursue an active lifestyle and practice sports. Wide variety of products is manufactured under this trademark: energy caramel, a range of dietary supplement, protein mixes for making pancakes and fritters, hot chocolate and syrops.
“Various design codes are used for different product categories; the codes are working in the certain category, so it was necessary to create mobile and easily adaptable brand design tool, while ensuring brand awareness.” – Aleksandr Orlov, the Creative Director, comments.
Use of triangle shape of logo block as a forming element of the package, made it possible to resolve this issue. All unique selling points of product are allocated in one position – RTB block, which simplifies reading of significant information by the consumer and keeps the design clean.
In the logo block, triangle arrow represents movement forward, and twisting edges add rotary moment and dynamics. The compact logo is formed by chopped thick letters, which are also modern and pro-sport.



Designer : UPRISE

Locality :  Moskva, Russia

Project : Fit Active