September 27, 2018

The Creative Method

Back in 1948, homemade broth was served from a bicycle stand, shared and loved by those who ate it. This broth recipe originated from Sichuan China and eventually made its way to the streets of Taiwan. Soo Zee 23’s broth is handcrafted using a blend of 23 herbs and spices in a process that takes over 8 hours. Using only the freshest ingredients in every dish, the result is authentic and tasty beef noodle soup.

Soo Zee is Sichuanese for ‘number‘, and ‘23’ represents the number of blended herbs and spices used to create their famous broth. The Chinese characters for ‘eat’ (吃) and ’23’ (二三) are also featured in the identity to reinforce the authenticity of their speciality cuisine.

The Creative Method was asked to bring the story of Soo Zee 23 to life with a name, logo, identity creation, graphics, apparel, menus, tableware, a website and packaging. Soo Zee becomes a character of many forms that represents the art of mixing 23 herbs and spices to create an authentic beef noodle soup that you won’t forget.



Designer : The Creative Method

Locality :  Sydney, Australia

Project : Soo Zee 23