July 28, 2018


“Barista Beer” is a Hong Kong handcrafted coffee beer, produced by a local coffee roastery – Espresso Alchemy and a local brewery – Lab Brewer. They were experimenting and striking for an amazing result of the combination of coffee and beer.

We are glad to get involved in this project to promote Hong Kong craft beer with a special crossover with two local brands. To us, “Barista Beer” is not only a mixture of coffee and beer but also a crossover of vintage alchemy and modern science. There is a common characteristic of “Alchemy”, “Laboratory”, “Coffee” and “Beer” – the “procedure” of mixing different elements or materials in an attempt to create a new result.

The beer label has illustrated the whole procedure of making the “Barista Beer”, to engage the customer learn the beer creation when they are enjoying their “Barista Beer”. The gear makes a connection with all the process, the alchemy symbols and the illustration show what ingredients were being used in the production, as well as the process, such as grinding, filtering and boiling. Each of the robot hand is holding the laboratory equipment to emphasize the handmade gesture.


Designer :Never-Never

Locality : Hong Kong, China

Project : Barista Beer Series