March 5, 2018

BIS Studio

This project is the branding of our graphic design studio based in Toulouse, France. The name of the studio is BIS, Studio Graphique.

The idea was to made a very simple and clear graphic design. A timeless style which could evolve in the future according to our different upcoming personals works about the studio (posters, custom products etc.).

We chose to concentrate our work around the graphic composition and the balance of the elements.
Our stationery stuff was made in 2 versions to be filled by computer or by hand.
Our business cards are creatives and evolutive. We have tried to play with the logo and colors to propose to our clients a lots of different business cards (4 different designs, 4 different colors but the same logo.)

We chose to apply neon colors (neon pantones) and black to create a contrast between the colors.
This colors choice is also a way for us to show our creativity, give a pop tone and counterbalance with the sober graphic design. (always with the aim to create contrast).

Our bills are inspired by old school french bills who commonly was filled by hand on yellow paper.

Business cards are printed on 500g matte paper.

Creative Agency : BIS Studio

Locality : Toulouse, France

Project : BIS Studio brand identity