August 31, 2018

Amanda Bentley & Mary Zaleska

Good. is a concept project created in a collaboration between Mary Zaleska and
Amanda Bentley. We created the visual identity, advertising, and packaging for the
The idea behind Good. was to have an honest product targeting all of those who love to
drink wine but not necessarily know much about it. Therefore our bottles would be
reliable, affordable and simple. They wouldn’t be known for a sophisticated palette most
of us can’t even detect, but for simply being good. So that anyone can go and purchase
tasty wine without being a connoisseur or playing wine-roulette for 30 minutes in a store.
The design was inspired by geometry, simplicity and minimal yet bold style. We
connected hand-drawn patterns with saturated colors and assigned them to different
kinds of wine, therefore creating a small identity for each type. The exterior packaging
(wrapping paper/ paper bags) was created by connecting all of the patterns and colors
into one design representing the entire product.
The advertising consists of fun-facts about wine so that our customers could feel more
knowledgeable and confident in their wine-picking skills. Just because they like good.
wine doesn’t mean they shouldn’t reach for great ones in the future as well. By that, we
tried to keep the product transparent both in its mission and design.

Designer : Amanda Bentley & Mary Zaleska

Locality : Brooklyn, NY, USA

Project : Good. Wine