July 30, 2017

Trip Design Studio

A handmade label for a handmade Gin. This Gin has been created by using Liverpool´s Crosby beach finest botanicals.

The main ingredient of this Gin is Crosby´s marram grass, which provides a unique earthiness. The label´s design attempts to reflect this beverage´s identity, by creating a pattern of different botanicals leaves along with the marram grass.

Close attention to the smallest details has been payed during this label´s design. These go from the handmade font to the illustration of the typical Viking ship arriving to the Crosby´s beaches, accompanied with the iconic “Iron man”,traditional monument of that place.

The design and illustrations/drawings were developed by Oveja (Miguel Quiroga) from Trip Design Studio, Argentina.

Designer : Trip Design Studio

Locality : Mendoza, Argentina

Project : Crosby